Simple and no surprises: Our fee covers it all

Say goodbye to nickel-and-dime services or juggling multiple contractors. You can rely on our vacation rental management services to take care of everything your home and guests need.

Ventura was founded on the belief that we can help enable the experience with leading-edge technology and vacation rental management services. In this breakdown, you’ll learn about everything from what Ventura fees cover and why we charge what we do to the value we deliver our homeowners in return.

A dependable stream of higher revenue is one of the reasons homeowners choose Ventura. Over the years, we’ve acquired a number of vacation rental management companies. We’re committed to ensuring that every homeowner at Ventura gets the most value from their vacation rental, and we assure that they will make more with us than they made before—either managing themselves or with another property management company.

Sound good so far?

Talk to us to find out how much your home could earn and get a quote on your management fee.

Vacation Rental Management

1. Don’t Go For The Bottom Of The Barrel

You may have seen lower fees on the market. But keep in mind that cheaper options usually mean you’ll get less value in the long run. A low advertised rate may seem like a great deal on the surface, but you’ll usually end up paying more. All those services and subscriptions—often provided entirely by third-party vendors—can add up.

When comparing vacation rental management services, it’s important to keep the big picture in mind. Many management companies offer lower fees, but their quality and service are at the bottom of the barrel. Yes, they’re asking you for less, but that can impact the quality of service they provide. You get what you pay for.

2. Our Value Of Technology

We invest purposefully in technology to improve the guest experience and returns for homeowners. Ventura fees aren’t the lowest, but it’s through that investment that we’re able to outperform the alternatives. We continually reinvest our profit to improve our offerings for our homeowners and guests.
We’re proud of our technology that we’re continuously developing and optimizing to deliver operational excellence and accountability. With Ventura, you can rest easy knowing that you will be the first to benefit from our industry-leading innovation today, tomorrow, and as far into the future as you can imagine.

3. Owner Management Fee

Because we believe in making every single aspect of the vacation rental experience as effortless as possible, we offer homeowners full-service management with no nickel-and-diming. Here’s what’s included in the cost of our full-service management:
  • Assisting owners with city and county permitting and regulations
  • Professional photography
  • World-class Search Engine Optimization copywriting, Search Engine Marketing and remarketing
  • Public relations and social media amplification
  • Reservations and guest customer support before and during their stay in your home, as well as guest screening to ensure your home is enjoyed and cared for during every stay
  • Employment of the best field crews in the business to deliver the quality care your home deserves
  • Ensuring optimal care for your home by providing our teams with the technology and tools to maximize performance and efficiency
  • Finance reporting and bookkeeping.

4. Your Guest Fees

As is common in the industry, Ventura charges a booking fee. In addition, some booking channels charge their own incremental fee that guests will also pay. If they’re traveling with a pet, or stay in a home with a hot tub, they’ll pay additional cleaning fees for those as well.

At Ventura, we’re focused on providing the most possible revenue for our homeowners. For this reason, we also make our properties available through third-party channels (such as Airbnb,, etc.), some of which charge an incremental fee to guests.

  • Booking fee: A customary vacation rental management fee that allows us to continually invest in industry-leading tech and best-in-class service. Included in the Ventura booking fee are:
    • Customer service and reservations support
    • Credit card fees
    • Supplies
    • Partner integration maintenance and management
    • Reservation risk management
  • Cleaning fee: A cost related to our expense incurred in cleaning the home between guests. This includes our labor (generally Ventura staff, paid a living wage).
  • Hot tub/pool fee: Guests demand and deserve sparkling clean water, and Ventura’s professional staff and contractors service our hot tubs, using supplies and chemicals provided.
  • Pet fee: Extra cleaning, to ensure that your home is clean and ready for the next arrival.
  • Damage waiver fee: A small fee (depending on the size of the home) in most markets that covers accidental damage up to $1,500—excluding damage caused by smoking, pets, or criminal activity—as long as guests report the damage during their reservation.